Sunday, July 8, 2012

My pre-birthday presents from me! ♥

Feeling so excited for my upcoming birthday, which is about two weeks. Yay!
I already bought myself a few presents. Lol. Can't wait to see them come. :)

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Benefit: Benetint Rose-tinted Lip & Cheek Stain


The sexiest flush you can get from a bottle. Innocent yet provocative, our rose tinted cheek stain is see through color that endures it all... even in the thralls of passion.

To use
Apply three dots to the apples of your cheeks and blend quickly with your fingertip
This is actually a gift from a good friend back in college. :)
First time I saw it, I think it looked like a bottle of blood. Lol.  
It comes in a 12.5 ml glass bottle with a nail polish applicator brush. It smells like rose water but the scent doesn't last though. The texture is a very thin liquid so it runs very quickly once applied on cheeks.

You really need to do as the instruction, three dots is enough and blending must be done ASAP or it will disperses to your skin and you end up with uneven color.

I find various reviews online since this product has cause quite a rave, some say this is their HG product while others say this is just a pricey rose water in a little bottle. For me, I love using this for my cheeks but definitely not on my lips, since it dries my lips so bad.

Natural rosy color on cheeks ~ like you're blushing for real ;)
♥ Long lasting color on cheeks. Yay!
♥ Lots of product, will last you a very long time

~ Dries my lips
~ Doesn't last long on lips
~ Glass bottle packaging, have to be careful when brought in your make up bag

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sasatinnie Peach Clarifying Peeling Gel

SASATINNIE FRUIT GARDEN Peach Purifying Peeling Gel contains natural cellulose ingredients to activate skin turnover and cleanses the pores. It also contatins witch hazel extract and tea tree oil to effectively help control excess oil.

Cellulose, glycerin, arbutin, hahamelis virginiana (witch hazel) leaf extract, melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree) leaf oil, prunus persica (peach) fruit extract 
Suitable for all skin type 

Shop & Price
Sasa SG Special Price SGD 10 for 90gr jar (orig. price: SGD 17.90)

If you're a fan of Korean beauty products, you might confuse this with Baviphat Peach All-in-One Peeling Gel. Almost can't tell the difference from the packaging once you remove the label, right? o.O
This is Baviphat's
Anyway, I bought this because Sasa offered special price if you shop in a certain amount.
As you can see, the peach-like jar is too hard to ignored hehehe
It comes with inner lid but no spatula. 

It smells like real peach mousse, yum! 

The texture is rather smooth and creamy than gel-like despite the name. It doesn't have any beads or grains like facial scrub though, so it won't cause redness or irritate the skin. 

I've been using this once or twice a week and liking it so far. It's doing a good job in removing dead skin cells. Too bad, it can't really remove my naughty blackheads.

I like to take my time using this peeling gel and massage my face gently. It helps making my skin relax after a long day at work. :)

Removes dead skin cells
♥ Cute peach-like jar 
Smooth texture, won't cause redness or irritate skin
♥ Fresh and softer skin

~ Actually this product is heavily fragranced
~ Can't remove blackheads
~ Not being sold in my country

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Beauty Tips : Applying Facial Treatments

I'm not trying to sound like a pro, but these are a few tips I collect from many beauty experts. Hope it helps :)

When we are doing our daily routine, beside using the right products, it is also important to apply the product correctly. So without further ado, here are 7 beauty tips on applying facial treatments:

1. Wash your face and hands first
All of you must have heard this one. Make sure your face is make up and oil free before you start applying any beauty product. 

2. Keep your face moist and warm
After you’ve washed your face, don’t dry it completely, just pat a little with your towel, it will also help to make your face warmer. This is to make the products penetrate better to your skin.

3. Apply products in the correct order 

This depends on what treatments you're using. The keys are medicated product (like acne medication) goes first and always apply products with a thinner consistency first.
Generally the order goes like this: cleanser - exfoliant (once or twice a week) - toner - medicated product - serum - day/night cream - sunscreen (day)

4. Prep Your Product
Before applying the product on your face, rub it on your palm to to equalize the temperature of the product with our body temperature. You don't have to worry the products will be absorbed to your hands, since our hands don't have pores like our face.

5. Tap, Never Rub
Use short and firm strokes while applying products. Tap it gently to enhance the penetration of the products. Be careful not to rub or stretch your skin, ladies :)

6. Use the Right Amount of Product
Not too little, not too much. For example, if you're using face mask, make sure it covers all your pore.

7. Don't Forget Our Neck
Also apply your beauty products on your neck and upper bust area.

Enjoy your healthily fresh face :)

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Ultima II: Clear White Supreme Enhancing Night Creme

Brightening cream for cystal-bright skin.

Shop & Price
Ultima II counter at Metro Dept Store IDR 450,000 for 50ml jar

I was using 3-step night cream from a dermatologist and I usually end up being lazy to do that much step, so I decided to look for a new night cream. Beside, the dermatologist' one doesn't smell good and break my skin out when I pause using it :(

I choose Ultima II (one of Revlon Inc. brands) because my mom used to use this brand when she was younger and it suited her skin well. Btw, I will post a picture of my and my mom, people always said we look more like sisters. At this point I don't know I'm happy or not to hear it hahaha

Nothing special about the packaging. The jar doesn't have an inner lid, so when you carry it around the cream can be poured into the lid place and it will be a mess once you open the jar. It also doesn't come with a spatula, so you have to scoop the cream out with your hands.

I've been using it almost every night for about 3 months and I think it really helps brighten my dull face. 

The texture is not thick so it doesn't feel heavy on my oily skin. It doesn't make my face greasy after appliance, meaning it is able to be absorbed quickly. Yay! 

It has a bit of shimmering effect which I think is useless :P

Real brightening effects 
No greasy feeling after use, able to be absorbed quickly
Soft scent

~ No other effects beside brightening
~ Doesn't come with an inner lid and a spatula

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Skinlite: Green Tea Essence Mask

For Lifting + Ultra Hydration Results
Enriched with Vitamin E, Phyto Collagen  & Green Tea Extract
Helps Lift and Hydrate in 15~20 minutes

Shop & Price
SaSa SG Buy 2 get 1 free for SGD 1.95/pc
SaSa HK Pack of 6 for HKD 36/pack

Found this Korean made mask incidentally while I was strolling in Sasa, and been using it once a week for about 3 months. It really helps to brighten and hydrate my awfully dull face. 

Strangely, this mask imo doesn't smell like green tea at all, lol, more like mixes of herbs. The sheet is thicker than many other brands' so it doesn't stick very well in my face. But it's still well-drenched, doesn't dried up after use. I usually use the excess liquid from the packaging for my hands and feet ;)
Other Skinlite variants include hydrating herb, royal jelly, refining herb, brightening, aloe, seaweed, moisturizing herb. I have tried it all except for royal jelly and seaweed because I don't think I will like the smell hehehe. My verdict it's just a different scent, the effect remains the same in my face, so my favorite is the green tea one.

Real brightening and hydrating effects 
♥ Easy to use, no need to clean after  
Nice organic scent

~ The sheet is too thick thus doesn't stick very well in the face 
~ Not being sold in my country